How to Get Started with Meditation

Meditation is one of those practices that help you focus your mind, appreciate life, and just create a balance for yourself. There are many different views and opinions about meditation, but the basic idea is to simply have a few minutes to yourself to connect with yourself and create balance. If you would like to get started with meditation, but don’t know how, keep reading.

Pick a time that works for you. You know your routine and you know when you will have some quiet time without any interruptions. Choose this time to do your meditation. It is essentially a time to relax and be quiet and you need a time that is convenient for you.

Sit comfortably. Your posture plays a role in the effectiveness of your meditation. Sit up straight in a comfortable position in which you can relax and be steady. Keep your eyes closed. There is no specific or right way to sit in. It must just be comfortable and steady.

Meditate before meals. Meditation is more effective on a relatively empty stomach. However, you should not meditate when you are very hungry. Before a meal is the best time to meditate. After a meal, you may want to doze off and when you’re very hungry you may be distracted by hunger pangs or thoughts of food.

Warm up. It is important to get your circulation going to remove inertia and counter restlessness. A few warm-up exercises will get your body and mind in the right place for a good meditation session. You can do sukshma yoga exercises or your own warm-up exercises.

Deep breaths and keep smiling. Take a few deep breaths to steady the rhythm of your breathing and put you in a good space for meditation. It also helps to keep a gentle and natural smile on your face while meditating. You feel the positive effects and feel relaxed and peaceful.

This how you start meditating. Focus on yourself, positive thoughts, and whatever else you feel is necessary. Just sitting and being is always good. When your time is up, slowly open your eyes and take on the day with calm and serenity.